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Statuie lui Marx în 2018- Pe Ce Lume traim?

Sterie Ciumetti
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Aprilie 24, 2018
Statuie lui Marx în 2018- Pe Ce Lume traim?Bine ați venit în 2018, tocmai se inaugurează o nouă statuie a lui Karl Marx.

Trăiască revoluția!


TRIER, Germany (Reuters) – A massive statue of the founding father of communism was erected in his birthplace on Friday, after the southern German city of Trier decided to accept the bronze sculpture from China despite concerns over the country’s human rights record.

The three-tonne Karl Marx statue was erected ahead of the 200th birthday of the influential thinker and philosopher on May 5, when it will be unveiled.

“Karl Marx is Trier’s most famous son,” city official Andreas Ludwig told Reuters on Friday.

The city council voted in favor of accepting the gift from the Chinese government by 42 members to seven in March 2017, but the statue has divided opinion.

“People have predominantly welcomed the gift,” said Michael Thielen, who is one of two Karl Marx impersonators at the opening.

Mai bine zis (((people))).

Others worry that accepting the gift from China is not compatible with criticizing the country’s human rights abuses.

Marx’s status in Germany is controversial, with some in the country blaming the philosopher’s ideas for the rise of Communist dictators, the Berlin Wall and subsequent Cold War division.

Bruma de luciditate în toată nebunia asta vine de la Dieter Dombrowski, Președintele Uniunii Victimelor Tiraniei Comuniste.

Dieter Dombrowski, Federal Chairman for the Union of Victims of Communist Tyranny (UOKG), said in a statement: “For the victims of crimes that can be traced back to Karl Marx’s ideas this event is disrespectful and inhumane.”

Poate apare vreun erou popular care să o pună la pământ.

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