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Orthodox Priest Cancels All Church Taxes in Romanian Village

Sterie Ciumetti
Incorect Politic
Octombrie 13, 2017

orthodox priest

Ioan Graur is the priest who cancelled all church taxes. “Where there is tax, there is no grace.”


The Orthodox priest from the church of Mihuleni, village from Soldăneăti district, vicar Ioan Graur, cancelled all church taxes. “This act must be followed by all priests in the country” says the vicar.

Thinking first about the poor who cannot afford such things.

“It is thus written in the Bible, In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” He mentioned that the small business he manages in the village is enough “for wordly things” like feeding his family, his wife and two kids, and even enough to cover maintenance on the church.

For me, doing church service is a duty to the Lord, without being about money or something else. I am obliged to fulfill it because eventually I will answer for my deeds. Each man has his needs, kids to raise, elders to care, sick to tend to, has no job or has other worries, I cannot afford to tell them pay me for this or for that. I try, with my own strength, to do all”, says the vicar Ioan.

This is an example to people. Be ye wary of those schemers and those frauds who claim to come in God’s name and do extend their hand demanding money from you.

According to the orthodox priest, his greatest satisfaction is when a large congregation comes to his service.

He says that aside from the villagers, many more people come from Soldănești city. People “come with open hearts because they know that no one imposes anything on them” added the vicar.

The church from Mihuleni village, Soldănești district, is subordinate to Moldova’s Metropolitan Church.

Romania, Moldova remain faithful to Orthodoxy and the shepherds of the flocks are signaling against the commercialization of faith.

With corruption still being a problem in the institution of the church, some preachers refuse to follow the trend of buying expensive cars, land and houses.

If you ask for money in exchange for a blessing, it becomes worthless.

There can be no grace where there is tax.

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”



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