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Stiri din Iad: Site de Dating pentru COPII TRANSEXUALI

Sterie Ciumetti
Incorect Politic
Ianuarie 28, 2018

copii transexuali

În occident, imaginea de mai sus este prezentată ca fiind ceva normal.

Ăștia s-au țicnit de tot.

The Neon Nettle:

A 10-year-old transgender boy says he is founding the world’s first dating site for transgender children.

Desmond Napoles, aka “Desmond is Amazing,” is launching the new website that aims to “encourage” kids to switch genders in an “online drag club.”

The “Haus of Amazing” site will be a “no-parent zone” designed to invite “gender-fluid,” and “trans-curious” minors into an “encouraging and safe online community for drag kids to connect with each other.”

According to a promotional flyer for the new site, it has been “established exclusively for kids who are doing amazing drag.”

The site’s admin will approve all applicants manually and block access from parents or children who sign up using their “offensive” born gender to ensure the “drag kids” feel “safe to express themselves.”

Un website pentru copii foarte tineri făcut în așa fel încât controlul parental să fie limitat, încurajând homosexualitatea și alte abominații.

Nu văd ce ar putea ieși rău din asta.

Desmond Napoles has been dressing in drag since he was a toddler after his mother declared him “gender neutral” as a baby, a Daily Mail report said. He says he was always taught that using your “born gender” is “wrong” and has always worn girls clothing but confessed that he has never tried wearing boy’s clothes.

His family introduced him to the gay scene from an early age and he has gained fame on the New York drag circuit as his drag alter ego, Desmond is Amazing.”Ever since day one… ever since I was able to walk, I used to take my mom’s towels and take her heels and clomp around the house,” Napoles said, “put the towel on my head, wrap a towel around my body and walk the runway down my house.”At age six, his parents began dressing him up in princess costumes and dresses, the report said.

His parents consulted a doctor about having gender reassignment surgery but were told it was best to allow Desmond develop naturally and to explore his tastes in clothing, toys, and activities for himself.  The boy’s family continued to him dress in drag and he was featured in 2014 in a music video with drag celebrities RuPaul and Jinkx Monsoon when he was 7-years-old.

Doctorul este un homofob bigot.

E anul curent și deci complet normal pentru băiețeii de 10 ani să dorească să-și taie puța și să înceapă site-uri de dating care cu siguranță nu se vor transforma într-un loc în care pedofilii ademenesc tinerii copilași.

Images and videos of him went viral in 2015 when he appeared New York’s Gay Pride event wearing a rainbow tutu and sparkled gold beret, with Napoles being crowned as the youngest member of New York’s longtime “Vogue” dance house Iconic House of UltraOmni.

His parents say they hope he will one day have his own fashion and cosmetics line, with the “right guidance.”Napoles refers to himself a “drag kid” as opposed to a “drag queen,” with the explanation that the term “drag queen” should only refer to adults, but hopes his new term will catch on and encourage other children to follow in his footsteps.

Napoles came out as gay last year, after being a longtime advocate for LGBTQ issues, the Daily Mail report said. His parents say their son is not yet sexually active, but say soon he will have “reached the age where sexual relations are appropriate or discussed explicitly.”He told Out magazine last fall his advice for other kids was to ignore parental concerns about gender transitioning, and suggested running away from home if parents are not supportive, saying: “If you don’t like me, I’m gonna leave.”

The “Haus of Amazing” dating website and phone apps remain in production from last October, with more information to be forthcoming, though Napoles does have a website, Instagram account, and Facebook page.

Așa este, copii, dacă părinții voștri sunt îngrijorați că accesați website-uri explicite pentru copii în care aceștia sunt încurajați să se îmbrace ca niște ciudați pentru a ieși la întâlniri și probabil interacționa cu perverși necunoscuți care își asumă identități de copii, atunci probabil că ar trebui să fugiți de acasă.

Asta se prezintă ca normalitate în anul curent.

Mulțumim, domnule Shekelstein, pentru că ne eliberezi copiii de sub opresiunea firescului.



Sursa: https://dailystormer.red/10-year-old-drag-queen-starts-dating-website-for-tranny-kids/

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