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Meanwhile in Greece: Gender Swap Laws

Sterie Ciumetti
Incorect Politic
Octombrie 14, 2017

The government of Greece just passeda a gender swap law.


Greece’s leftwing government has passed legislation enabling citizens to determine their gender identity amid fierce condemnation from the Orthodox church and accusations the law would “destroy human beings”.

“No tradition, no religion, no perception of family requires citizens to remain on the margins or be pushed into institutional and social oblivion,” Tsipras told MPs before the vote.

What Tsipras actually said: “Nothing can stand in the way of progress, as my Jewish overlords command, so will I do.”

This is what tradition stands in the way of.

Tsirpas ain’t no orthodox priest that’s for sure, and gender swap for 15-year olds is only going to cause problems.

Almost the entire political opposition, with the exception of the small, centrist To Potami party, rejected the proposed bill.

It was also opposed by the powerful Greek Orthodox church, which had denounced the legislation as “a satanic deed” that would lead to “the destruction of social cohesion and the spiritual necrosis of man”.


Bishops, echoing the view of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party, argued that the law had an ulterior aim: to allow same-sex couples to adopt children. “The ultimate goal of this law is to allow homosexuals to adopt children,” Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis told parishioners.

The slippery slope is real. Gender swap and gay laws first. Next it’s going to be paedophilia, followed by even darker things.

“Do you see how far these Greek Orthodox deputies have sunk? They have brought blasphemy upon the human body. Today they tell us that God did not create man and woman … every man can easily become a woman, and every woman a man. It is a satanic deed.”

The Holy Synod, the church’s governing body, claimed the law would “destroy human beings”.

We have the west’s example of this destruction of the human being and it is real. Kids who buy into this illusion of gender swap are prone to cronic depression and/or suicide.

gender swap

Let’s hope Greece pulls itself together and swaps governments, not genders.

Buciumul (translated):

“Prime Minister Tsipras has pushed the intereses of a small group, of which I think is mentally ill. For a person to change their sex – it is not normal” said Leventis. Adressing the government, he said: “Only 35% of voters have voted for you. Who do you think you are? Dictators who can ignore the opinion of the Church and the people?”

Golden Dawn deputee Ilias Kasidiaris has also underlined the role of the Church in the actual crisis: “Athonite monks have called us to fight. We will pay attention to their call and will resist. As the declaration of the Sacred Community from Mount Athos says” If we do not resist, our ancestors will rise from their graves. We call upon the church to lead the protests and are ready to support it in any way.”

Calling all deputees to reject the proposed law, the Athonites have declared: “Regarding the proposed law, we are horrified by what distress the future brings. In our orthodox country, is defying the divine law permitted legally and flagrantly?”

We see Divine Law being defied in the most obscene ways in America, in England, in Germany, in the so-called civilized western world.

Protestants have perverted the teachings and preach the prosperity doctrine while Catholics have become pro-immigrant cucks with the Pope paving the way for New Age -All religions in One- Religion.

These moves put young people off religion, sets them against the church and in many unfortunate cases their anger is misdirected against Christianity as a whole. In the most unfortunate cases, they foolishly vent their anger on God.

Yet can the young be blamed if all their lives they were exposed to a liberal version of Christianity?

“Love thy neighbour as thyself” is written in the New Testament. Not “Love thy stranger”.

In Romanian, it reads “Iubește-ți aproapele”, aproapele meaning the one close to you.

Who is closer to you,,  a stranger from the distant land of Afrika, a towel-head from the middle-east, a gypsy from India, your European brother?

Orthodoxy is the only way forward for Christianity. Without it, the religion will die.

But God will not have it so.

An Orthodox Nation is Europe’s salvation.


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