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Pe Youtube să Glumesti Despre Jidani e mai Grav Decât Să-ți Bați Joc De Oameni Morți

Sterie Ciumetti
Incorect Politic
Octombrie 27, 2018

Pe Youtube să glumești despre jidani e mai grav decât să te hlizești în fața unui cadavru spânzurat.

Context: Celebrul youtuber PewDiePie a avut o emisiune care a fost anulată pentru că a zis ‘nigger’ pe stream și a făcut niște glume cu jidani.

Alt youtuber mai puțin celebru Logan Paul a avut o emisiune și a fost anulată pentru că și-a bătut joc de japonezi și a râs de un spânzurat.

Emisiunea lui Logan a fost revalidată de YouTube, dar emisiunea lui PewDiePie a rămas anulată.

Explicații la minutul 5:


  1. Iegzista o explicatie.

    Logan Paul e jidan.

    He has claimed to possess English, Irish, Austrian-Jewish, German-Jewish, Hungarian-Jewish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry


    Si Casey Neistat, o alta celebritate youtube care e frumos ca un sobolan — e tot jidan.

    Neistat was born into a Jewish family —


    Peste tot, la radio, TV, ziare, inustria muzicala — ni se baga constant pe gat celebritati evreiesti.

    O simpla cautare Wikipedia dezvaluie asta.

    Drake e evreu, Pink e evreica, Lenny Kravitz e evreu.

    Acelasi lucru se intampla pe youtube, anumiti youtuberi sunt impinsi in fata.

    Despre Pewdiepie se banuieste ca e neironic alt-right.

    A facut o gluma cu Kill All Jews


  2. Ce trebuie stiut despre Logan Paul este ca….. e jidan!!!!
    Si a fost banat pe viata din Japonia.

  3. Ziarul “Der Sturmer” – avea ca motto, tiparit pe prima pagina – The Jews are Our Misfortune.

    As propune un nou motto care ar putea ofensa oamenii asa mult incat s-ar putea sa se trezeasca.

    “Jews are lucky that the goyim are so gullible and stupid.”

    “Evreii au noroc ca goyimii sunt naivi si prosti.”

  4. Ca sa explic de ce am postat asta.

    Un tip de pe gab a impuscat 8 evrei intr-o sinagoga.

    M-am uitat pe postarile lui – e un tip foarte inteligent. Adica nu e prost deloc.

    Daily Stormer – Anglin face “semnalarea virtutii” si ataca Gab

    Paul Joseph Watson face si el semnalarea virtutii.

    Il numeste pe atacator “antisemit” ca si cum asta ar fi mai rau decat ce a facut,

    Uneori, destul de des, imi vine gandul ca ne meritam soarta.


    Meritam sa fim condusi de evrei fiindca 99% din populatie sunt complet idioti in ce priveste reactia la cuvantul “antisemit”.

    Anglin e un geniu, dar uneori se prosteste in asa hal ca nu am cuvinte.

    O sa ii atace site-ul indiferent de ce spune.

    Nu stiu de ce ma agit pentru niste prosti.

  5. https://gab.com/parrott/posts/40023725

    Anglin is squarely placing the blame on Gab and all of us wignat fed provocateurs.

    Anglin vrea sa ii arunce pe antisemitii de pe gab sub autobuz – si pe intreg site-ul gab sub autobuz.

    Ce o sa se intample – o sa il arunce ei pe Anglin sub autobuz.

    Uneori e un geniu, dar uneori e complet cretin.

    Concluzia mea

    Antisemitii se bat intre ei — fiindca le e prea frica sa infrunte evreii.

  6. Au aparut deja primele poze de la locul crimei…. sinagoga unde au fost impuscati 10 evrei.


    Oamenii au inceput sa explodeze in comentarii – toata furia lor reprimata.

    Pe RT:

    “I’ll bring more ammunition if he runs out.”

    “People are starting to see the real culprits”

    “Awhhhh they’re killing jews? Nobody outside the US cares!”

    “I heard it was 6 million dead.”

    “Jewnited States”

    “There is no holocaust…..n even if there was one… palestine is a living holocaust for decades….with 1000x more victims. Please stop playing the holocaust card as its worn out ages ago. Find something else.”

    ” The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

    “The number one cause of anti-Semitism is Jews.”

    “Political correctness. NOTICE. No animals or jews were harmed in this false flag media production.”

    “the holocaust only happened because of zionism. i hate people that expect sympathy for something self inflicted, especially after 70+ years of crying about it while at the same time occupying and annexing a sovereign state, practicing apartheid, daily war crimes, murder of children and other crimes too numerous to count.”

    “You reap what you sow.”

    “6.000.008 and counting.”

    “Any confirmation that anybody was shot for real?? Or is it another sandy hook style false flag”

    “Jews are terrorists. They start all the wars.”

    “Nothing to see. Just a false flag to divert from fake Israel mass killing Palestinians”

    “”Quick! Let’s blow up another synagogue and scream antisemitism so people will stop talking about our massacre in Gaza!” — Adolf Nuttyyahu”

    “OMG! The poor widdle Choozs…Oy vey! LOL!😅”

    “As you can all see A.Hitler was right about the international clique who called it OUR misfortune. Because the mosaic_law turning all the civilized human beings to animals.”

    “I hope they catch the RABBI that did this!!!”

    “The international clique at it again.”

    “i just realised it said synagoge then it hit me thats a jewish place then my sadness turned to many many looooooooooools”

    “My friend live close to the area, he said there was no shooting or anything. It was all filmed in hollywood studio. It is all FAKE”

    “Good initiative, but probably the wrong Jews.”

    “I just started a go-fundme for the wounded_Jewish souls who need heal.
    Spare your shekels_goys.

    “The chickens are coming home to roost”

    “Thus will be milked for all its worth by the jewish community and liberal press, anti-Semitism is back on the menu boys, eat a such as you can until all eyes are back on Trump”

    “Not 6 million? Is the media losing count? Or just plain losers with false flag hearts?”

    “feel bad for them , too bad it wasnt a church full of Israelis…”

    “7 Dead in this shooting. Can’t believe that there are vile people who are celebrating this. 🙁

    Reply: Stop thinking with your Cunt”

    “lol -sad trombone sound- WOMP WOMP”

    “Have you heard the one about the man that walks into a synagogue and says “Say Hello to my little Friend”!”

  7. O arhiva a postarilor de pe gab – Robert Bowers, cel care a impuscat 11 evrei in Pittsburg.


    Nu pare agent FBI, are postari inteligente.

    Pare sincer.

  8. Pentru cine e atent, ce se intampla e o imensa PILULA ROSIE.

    Salvini i-a aparat pe evrei pe twiitter.

    Trump a zis ca trebuie pedeapsa cu moartea pentru cine a omorat evrei.

    Acum cad mastile…

    Si se vede cine e controlat si cine nu.


    Fox News si toti republicanii se intrec sa faca felatie evreilor.

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