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Reminder of What it Means to Feel Good

Based Anglo Lawrence Burns reminds us what it means to feel good. You can read the entire article here.

lawrence burns

Below are the words of a recent letter from twenty-four year old Lawrence Burns, who is currently serving a four year sentence in an English prison.

“Hello Jez,
I thought I’d write to say ‘hello’ to you and all the others, and to say that almost seven months into my sentence, I can still say that taking up the nationalist cnationalist causeause was the best choice of my life!
Being an active nationalist is like living in a different world to the decadent and empty one around us. One has a circle of loyal friends and associates of a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations, yet who share a bond based on their higher values and love of nation.
Being part of this community allows one to live by such noble values as honour, love, duty, loyalty, brotherhood and courage, and through their adherence to these values, to find meaning and a higher purpose in life, which this selfish, individualistic, materialistic, ‘zombified’ modern world cannot provide.
Those of this corrupt world will twist what I’m saying around, and say instead ‘You have been brainwashed’, ‘These extremists are not your friends – they are just using you’, ‘You should be watching TV, getting drunk, spending money and having fun instead’.
How little they know! These people could never grasp the fact that others do not share their enthusiasm for their way of life.  Blinded by the illusions sent by hell, driven by greed, lust and the pursuit of a mirage they have turned their backs on reality.
The idea that there could be anything in the world more important than themselves seems unthinkable to them.  Their mantras of ‘humanity’, ‘equality’ and ‘individual liberty’ only serve to make them feel better and righteous in their lack of culture and values. They can’t even understand love anymore, all that is left if the perverse animal drive, which they have ennobled in its place.
Family to them is an inconvenience, a burden.  Instead of raising a healthy family in the traditions of their people, they spend their time partying, getting drunk, taking drugs, and indulging in perverse, loveless sex, and to excuse themselves they have declared the family ‘an outdated social construct’.  Women should not marry and raise children they say.  They should instead pursue meaningless careers, and enjoy themselves with different men every weekend, and if they get pregnant, they can save themselves the hassle of raising children by having abortions.  Family life is slavery, they will be much happier serving the needs of mass commerce.
They scoff at tradition.  They think they know more than all of their ancestors put together. Fools!  Take away all the technology they inherited and see how long they will last!
They laugh at the thought of a creator of the universe, whose ever-present laws apply to us all. The integrated community, perfect symmetry and innate beauty of the universe and of all creations in it, not to mention consciousness itself, is all an accident of nature, all this just happened to create itself out of a chance mixture of matter, without any intelligent plan or design.  There is no divine plan for mankind, other than to serve the economy and be a slave to their own petty passions.
They denounce Europeans who feel an affinity for their own kind. We are just ‘hate-filled racists’, and ‘race is just a social construct’.  There are no races and different cultures in their world, only rootless individuals and their profitable ignorance and selfishness.  To them, it is right and just to pursue riches at the expense of others, but it is wrong to care about those with whom we share ethnic and cultural bonds — if you’re of European descent that is.
They deny us the right to our inheritance and our own homelands.  They impose ‘multiculturalism’ onto our communities, subvert and slander all traditional institutions, and spread, like a disease, their perverse, corrupt way of life, devoid of all that makes life worth living, and they isolate, slander and persecute those of us who still value identity, culture, tradition and community.  And they still believe that their ‘Prevent Strategy’ will persuade ‘the extremists’, i.e. those who believe in something greater than their profane values, to simply give up their healthy values, their identities, and to betray their friends and families and to conform to their meaningless, empty, sick world.
Their efforts are in vain! In their ignorance, they will never understand people like us, or even the very idea that there is much more to life than money and hedonism. They cannot grasp the notion of culture and identity, as they have none, and this is why they will never be able to defeat us.
Their world offers us nothing, for it has negated all that we hold sacred: love, honour, identity, friendship, loyalty, tradition and order. Their world is in chaos, while our world is one of the last bastions of sanity. In our struggle, one will find meaning, purpose, true friendship, support and a world in which he can live by noble values, develop his character and be around other virtuous people, and find fulfilment in life knowing that all he holds sacred will live on long after he is gone.  It is in discovering his roots, and taking up the struggle for his people that one becomes a man.  Expensive clothes, partying, money and social capital gained through conformity to the current fashions do not make a man.  True manhood is measured by fighting for a noble cause with honour and courage, and through one’s capacity and willingness to endure hardship, persecution and public condemnation, while all the time remaining above the decadence of the world.  And what could be a more worthy and righteous cause than the moral regeneration, freedom and prosperity of one’s nation in line with divine law?
Our enemies can never take this away from us.  If they put a man in prison for defending his family, he is not going to regret defending his family and ‘change his ways’. Likewise as I sit writing this from my prison cell, I am not going to cease defending what I hold sacred.  This sounds as ridiculous to their ignorant minds, as their expectation that I might even consider doing otherwise sounds to me.
Doing the right and honourable thing in this corrupt world is worth all the persecution and hardships it brings. The condemnation of traitors and lowlifes does not bother me, for I stand before a higher judge, who has a much different view to theirs. I would not swap this life for anything in the world, for nothing beats it and nothing will beat me either. I would choose a hard life where honour, love, kinship, community and tradition still have meaning, over ‘an easy life’ of conformity to this empty, meaningless, sterile society any day!
They cannot extinguish this most beautiful and holy flame of tradition. Despite all their efforts, it will only endure throughout the ages guiding all generations of our people, and it will burn ever brighter the more they put us to the test.  And this is why, in the end, we will win, even if the world around us goes under, we will remain strong, standing among the ruins, for God is with us and as long as we are with him, our victory is as assured as the sunrise in the morning.”
Lawrence Burns (Preston Prison,  6th July 2017)


This experience of being imprisoned for loving his nation will strengthen Lawrence’s resolve and inspire others. Gee, who would’ve thought that loving your own people feels good. Thanks for reminding us, Lawrence Burns!


Romanians who have been imprisoned for their love of country, have later found the conviction to establish a movement. That movement shook the social and political foundations of Romania and to this day remains the traitor and the jew’s most feared organization. The Iron Guard.


The article features a quote from Andrew Anglin, the most banned person on the Internet:


Fight for your ancestors, your civilization, your blood and the salvation of your own soul.


If you don’t fight, there is a singular possible outcome: a painful, meaningless life of degradation and misery. Because even if you “win” in this system, you still lose.  We’ve seen multiple high-profile celebrity suicides over the last two months. You can have all the sex and money in the world and never will you feel true happiness in this system, because happiness is derived from meaning, and there is no meaning here.


If you fight, there are two potential outcomes: death or glory.


For me, it’s an easy call to make, but it’s a choice each of you must to make. I pray you choose wisely.
We are the throwaway generation and the only thing we have in this world is each other.


Andrew Anglin, What is Moral and Righteous and Good


Imprisoning us for our convictions will have the opposite effect our enemies expect- we won’t abandon them, but further strengthen our resolve.


And like Lawrence Burns, when we return, we’ll hail victory!

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