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Thoughts on Lukovmarch

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Februarie 18, 2018

Recently there was an event called Lukovmarch in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, honoring Hristo Lukov.

For those of you who don’t know, he was a Bulgarian general and politician who led the nationalist Union of Bulgarian National Legions.

He had a military career during World War 1 and he managed to repel a Serbian attack with just 4 heavy guns, being congratulated by one of his enemies for his achievement.

During the interwar period he modernized the Bulgarian army and became the Minister of War. He was also involved in nationalist circles, fighting against communist influences.

He was killed by a shot in the back, in front of his 9-year-old daughter on the 13th of February 1943, by two communist partisans one of which was a jew (Violeta Yakova).

This guy was pretty based and the kikes are now bitching about this march because Lukov was antisemitic.



As usual, crying about muh 6 gorrillion.

They tried to ban the march but they were did not succeed.

It feels so good watching them whine about nationalism and antisemitism. After all, they were the driving force behind communism and freemasonry, which nationalists hate.

Below is a video from NTV about the protest before the march.


The march itself went pretty well. There was no violence. Now contrast that with a march from the United States or from Western Europe or Scandinavia, where antifas cause violence or even worse the police does it, like in the Gothenburg rally from Sweden or Unite The Right.

Above is NTV’s stream from Lukovmarch.

Around a thousand people attended the event including many foreign nationalists from countries like Sweden, Germany, France and Estonia.


In the picture above you can see the German Imperial Flag(black white red one), the Nordic Resistance Movement’s flag, a French one and some others.

Below you can see a fleur-de-lis, an old heraldic symbol used by the French from Medieval times. The guys there are from a Scouts organization, something with Jean D’Arc, a symbol of resistance for them.

.LukovMarch France

Seeing nationalists from cucked countries like France or Germany attending Lukovmarch gives me hope.

This is good, nationalists need to unite against our common enemy. The European Union must be destroyed and the non-white migrants deported back to their countries of origin. Furthermore, the traitors need to be dealt with.

The march ended at the location where Hristo Lukov was killed. There were some speeches held by Bulgarian nationalists and by Par Sjogren from the Nordic Resistance Movement and there was one held by a French guy.

It’s so sad that in Romania we can’t have such marches because of the (((laws))) made by our treasonous politicians and their Zionist masters. I don’t think I’ve seen any Romanian flags at Lukovmarch this year but hopefully in 2019 it will be different.

Europe is rising up and nothing can stop us!

Hristo Lukov


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