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Thoughts about 1st of May demonstrations

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Mai 8, 2018

On 1st of May, the Nordic Resistance Movement held two demonstrations in Sweden.

While it’s the International Worker’s Day which was created by leftists, few know that it was also celebrated in National Socialist Germany. Also, most communist,socialist or social democratic parties today don’t really care about the workers.

If they actually cared about the workers from their nations they wouldn’t have accepted mass migration which helps the (((capitalists))) gain cheap labour at the expense of the European worker.

One of the demonstrations was held far up north in Boden. It was attended by around 200 people.

Vi ar folket

On the banner it’s written “We are not politicians – We are the people!”. Although they are taking in this year’s election in Sweden, NRM is not like the other parties. They actually give a shit about the people unlike the Sweden Democrats who are a bunch of zionist shills and are not even ethno-nationalist.

The march here was somewhat tense as leftist counter protesters were present. There was a confrontation.

failed svastika

These commie losers can’t even draw a proper swastika.

There were several speeches held. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, was one of the speakers.

Lindberg speaking Boden

The final speech was held by NRM’s news editor Simon Holmqvist.

Simon Holmqvist speech

Link to Boden stream. Change country because it’s (((censored))).

The other was held in Ludvika. Around 400 people attended. This one was more calm because the Nordic Resistance Movement has much more support in this city.

Ludvika March

They also had one of the oldest member of NRM attending.
Vera Oredson

The woman in the picture is Vera Oredsson. She was born in Germany and lived during the National Socialist period, she as also a member of the League of German Girls, the female wing of the Hitler Youth. She came to Sweden via the White Buses and helped the nationalists there.

Par Sjogren, the Leader of Nest 5 was also present and he held a speech.

This guy’s a legend, you can almost always see him in Nordfront TV videos.

Also speaking there was Par Oberg.

Link to Ludvika stream

This 1st of May was a good one for the Nordic Resistance Movement. They got 75000 kroner in donations. That’s going to the revolutionary struggle.

If you’re an European living in the Nordic countries do your best and support them either financially or by joining them.


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