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The Moment of 1937

Sterie Ciumetti
Incorect Politic
April 2, 2019

This article, initially published on the 28th of March, 2018, has finally been translated into English.

The following testimony was written in 1970, by legionary Vasile Posteucă during the long Romanian Exile (1941-1990). He became a professor in 1966 at the University of Mankato, Minneapolis.

For the reader’s clarification:

  1. The Romanian legionaries in exile were the only organized political and cultural opposition to the communist regime (1945-1989). When Vasile Posteucă wrote this, during the Cold War, it made strategic sense to encourage democracy against the communist regime.
  2. The statements made about America are based on the author’s personal experience.

To our friends and comrades of the same struggle, the time is ripe for a global awakening. Take part in the great work of our generation, spreading Truth, rekindling the inner fire required for spiritual growth.


The Moment of 1937

Sterie Ciumetti  |  28 March, 2018


Like the sun on a cloudy day, the entirely brilliant moments of the Romanian people are kept hidden from us, endless nebulosities always pass above our skies, blown by the poisonous wind of a democratically clothed dictatorship, eclipsing the sun of authentic Romanianism.

When we see the degree of economical, social-political and intellectual erosion of our country, we tend to despair and lose hope, becoming depressed.

When we are upset and in need of help, who do we contact? Firstly, we reach out to parents, brothers, our family and friends.

Same as a people, when we are on the peaks of despair, we reach out to the family of our nation, our ancestors who wrote history through their wisdom, valor and power of will, so from whom we can draw lessons.

One moment that is censored in all history books, unmentioned on any TV channel, unpublished by any newspaper, is the moment of 1937, a miracle in the history of Romania and a moment of millenary hope that cuts history in half and exalts us to the heavens, scattering the heavy overcast.

The Moment of 1937


Vasile Posteucă:

Years have passed since the end of the previous chapter. We always have something more important, more urgent to do. We let ourselves stolen and taken away by the stream of life, we postpone, we forget.

I come back to these notes about the Captain and the miracle of the legionary revolution, with a sense of guilt, conscious of having neglected the most essential duty of my heart and my metaphor.

May God help me, at least from now on, to keep myself closer to these testimonials that lighten and purify my soul. That save me. I describe the moment of 1937.

A moment in the eternity of the Romanian destiny.

A tortured but glorious decade of my youth, of my Romanian dream. I say a moment, understanding: a miracle. A changing of face, of heart, of the entire Romanian people.

This spiritual phenomenon of change happened between 1922 and 1937. I could not witness its beginnings. I was a child. I joined the stream in 1930, even though the eyes of my mind started to see the tragic but bright path of my people since 1928. But I was blessed by the heavens to bear witness and carry the flag in the years of apogee and triumph of this great Romanian transfiguration.

I chose the year of 1937 because in the elections of that year, Romania took and passed the great exam.

Proved the finding-of-self, the homecoming. Compared to the huge displays of corruption and ignorance from the elections between 1920 and 1936, when the voters emptied the barrels of wine and brandy that were installed for them at the side of the roads, got drunk and ended the day like animals, in ditches, without knowing who they voted for and if they voted; when the governing party used the constabulary and the military to steal the ballots and arrest the people in the opposition, maltreating them to the point of imbecilization; when the large masses of people hadn’t the vaguest idea how the whole country is governed and exploited; when foreign nations and powers were taking control of the most prominent goods of our people, leaving us very poor in our own land… Compared to this disgraceful and pathetic past, the elections from 1937 represented a great victory of the Romanian people.

The Moment of 1937

As a result of the legionary education, the peasants and workers no longer went to drink and to bash the heads of the political adversaries, they ceased to assist the ignorant selling of country, of rights and destinies. They took to the streets in full order, in marching columns, singing to express their will to choose, to vote, exercising the most elementary and holy right of democracy. The right to choose the rulers.

And as a result of this national awareness, during the voting process the constituency did not lay a finger on the liquor inside the barrels. They gathered the barrels together in many communes and they split them open with axes, with dignity and pride watching the alcohol be spilled in ditches. It was as if they suddenly woke up from a cursed slumber! For the first time in the history of modern Romania, the government that oversaw the elections did not meet the majority required by law and was consequently removed from power.

It is true that this triumph would later bring us a lot of misery, nation-wide . We were like a splendid orchard of apricots that bloomed too early. The conditions in Southeast Europe were not favourable for an awakening like ours. The vile and criminal king, Carol II, seeing himself threatened, immediately abolished the Constitution and proclaimed the infamous royal dictatorship.

With this act of great awakening, that was solely the result of our Captain’s charisma and legionary schooling, our people aroused the satanic hostility and hatred of our demented and criminal king, of the Jewish mafia, and, through these, our leader was persecuted ruthlessly. He was robbed of the last bit of his political liberty.

The Moment of 1937

The Captain, our great educator, was dragged through a series of unjust trials and then killed. The youth of our country, who saw the light, was dragged down in persecutions and in the gloom of the prison, and the masses of the people, the peasants and workers, were thrown into the darkest slavery.

This enslavement continues up to this day. Only the tyrants have changed. The slavery has stayed the same. Our people haven’t had another chance to prove their dignity and awareness, that we once affirmed and demonstrated in December 1937.

The highest number of votes at that time were obtained by Peasant’s Party, that had signed a pact with the Legionary Movement ( The “Totul pentru Țară” Party). We came in second place as number of popular votes and newly won electoral mandates, us, the Legionaries. The Liberals, tools of the coward king, suffered the greatest and most humiliating defeat in our country’s political history.

I want to highlight here, for those of tomorrow, that the victory of the 1937 moment did not consist in votes. But in the lesson given to the tyrant and his bands of corrupters, of venal politicians and traitors. And especially in the dignity of the electoral masses in their behaviour.

No more were there masses of ignorants, of thugs, of drunkards, with the thin bread under their arm and the bottle of spirit in their hands. No, there were columns of soldiers of a formidable faith, groups and bands of archers, hetmen and knights, coming from the depths of history, to forge a unique festive moment of the resurrected Romanian Nation. A moment of great mystical illumination, to the farthest corners of the earth and of the Romanian being. A moment in which the nation sees and recognized the call of destiny, its humanly and spiritual duties received by God on earth.

The elections of 1937! There have been hundreds of cases when entire villages and sectors have not voted. They stopped in front of the voting stations.

They kept hours of silence and dignity, refusing to respond to the gendarmerie’s provocations.

Then in the same immense and telling silence, they returned home. In this manner of wakefulness and legionary pride, it was more than just a vote. Much more than an electoral gain. Through this behavior, completely new, priceless and unknown before, our nation found its spiritual center.

Ten years ago, through 1927-1930, no one would have thought that the awakening, education and discipline of the Romanian peasants will ever be possible. The creation of the new man was the miracle that I was a partaker and witness of, in the years of my youth, in Romania.

The Romanian man prevailed in 1937. At that point it was not only some electoral battle. It was a battle of destiny. An exam by means of which we have historically proven our right to life, to humanity and a deep fear of God. Moreso; eternally.

The Moment of 1937


The hypothesis could hold, with beauty and great justification, that if we would have had the historical privilege of several decades of peace, our nation could have redeemed itself, from the high consciousness of that moment of 1937, creating a powerful earthly nest and a living example to other nations, fulfilling the millenary dream of the kingdom of heaven among men.

We did not have favorable conditions. We could not leap out of the ahistorical pit . We could not escape the curse of a small nation, set against every wickedness and invader. The victory of the 1937 awakening gave us a vertical direction, pushed us into sacrifice and martyrdom.

Here, at this point, the Captain was truly a prophet: he saw and foretold the victory through martyrdom. With winter walls of hatred and satanic greed surrounding us, we had nowhere else to grow but upwards, towards the heavens, towards the great day of the resurrection of nations.

We, the Romanians, have achieved at least this: we have sacrificed without betraying our principles, or each other. The Captain received the cross of martyrdom on the road of a great, bright and righteous faith, offering himself as a price of attonement for the entire Romanian nation.

The Moment of 1937

The moment of 1937 put us in contretemps with history, but baptized us in a splendid and supreme consciousness of a godly nation, a nation that wills to be full of Christ’s love.


I called the moment of 1937 a miracle, because the raising of the Romanian peasant to such a level of conscience and dignity seemed in no way possible.

Both friends and enemies, all the corrupt politicians of those times, charged us as incurable idealists, dreamers, madmen. They prided themselves on the wisdom of seeing and accepting reality. For them, we were deviants, hooligans, extremists.

To shout the truth in front of them and to witness salvation by a change in people, by the development of a New Romanian Man, was for them mental disorder, crime, lack of patriotic sense.

The criminal and adulterer king, entirely dominated by Esthera Elena Lupescu and her satanic clique, governments of traitors and alienates, if not complete strangers from our people and our blood, political parties made out of bellboys and levantines, out of moral degenerates, desireful of raises and successful businesses made on the backs of our people, and beneath these strangers, the endless gang of immoral youngsters, cadgers, “cafe pillars” and slackers, man sluts and degenerate perverts, all of these forming the ruling class ready to suck out the last drop of people’s blood, to sell the country to whoever offers more, ready to desert and flee from any danger, from every responsibility or sacrifice.

From this class of grave-diggers, of Jewish and levantine whelps, an awakening could not be expected, nor could a change of course in the political and economic administration of our country. Much less could you expect a drastic change of face from them, a spiritual revolution, growth of a new man. A man of bravery and labor, of incandescent blazing love for brethren and fatherland.

On the other hand, neither the peasants nor the workers saw any chances of illumination and salvation ahead of them. Scourged by poverty and gendarms, taxed to the blood, cheated and disappointed by all the parties that gifted the wealth of our country to the foreign merciless exploitation (foreigners that flocked over our country like ravens over a dead body in the wilderness), they no longer dared to lift their gaze or nurture hope, let alone protest.

Kind souls, the workers, full of faith in God, proud lords over their patch of land, handy craftsmen of folk and tradition, through the ages perfecting their unique order and a splendid way of seeing the world and life, they were left completely disarmed in the face of the Jewish invasion that enslaved them with money and booze, through lies and disgrace. If they were on their own, through their own strength, they would not have risen even in a few hundred years.

Here, God sent the prophet.

The Teacher who had fulfilled the miracle of awakening. Firstly, Codreanu awoke and organised the students. Later, through them, he fulfilled the great mission of recovering the peasantry and workers, setting them on the great, eternal line of Romanian destiny.

Starting from the holy icon and humble prayer, he first taught the students, informing them, waking them up, resurrecting the ideal of independence and Romanian greatness in their hearts and minds, growing men of honor and of a strong character, fair and noble fighters who were ready to sacrifice themselves, forming an elite of the nation, with great ability and patience, Crusaders, who will later have to walk the Romanian land in order to awaken the peasants and workers, sounding the alarm against the mortal peril of the Jewish invasion and corruption, shouting on every road and every path: The Fatherland! The Fatherland!! The Fatherland!!!

Speaking of the 1937 moment, I have mentioned the age starting in 1922 and ending in 1937. The true legionary education and struggle took only a full decade, marking the victory of December 1937.

Established on the 24th of June 1927, The Legion begun the spiritual education in nests and garrisons. (It is true that the Brotherhoods of the Cross were created by Ionel Moța, years before (1924), but the brotherhoods won’t take part directly in political struggles, in awakening the peasantry and guiding them along the line of dignity and Romanian conscience from the days of vioevodal glory, of sacrificial fight for freedom.) And in one decade, the nation was turned upside down.

This is the miracle of awaking the peasantry in 1937. A transiguration of a nation, fulfilled in ten years of songs and marches, of persecutions and prisons, of faith and death. The great soul of the Captain managed the impossible.

The Americans praise themselves (the story comes from the elite navy troops) that in their land, the tough problems are solved immediately, and the impossible problems take a little while. If we apply this saying to America’s struggle for spiritual recovery, it becomes a cruel irony. The tough problems take an eternity and the impossible must be placed in the hands of God.

In the United States there are hundreds of movements for spiritual rebirth, for national salvation, thousands of committees for combating atheism and communism, thousands of great preachers who hold immense meetings and turn people to the Church and to Christ.

But despite these noisy and pompous efforts, there are zero results. Zero cut in half and raised to the square. The wonderful trees of the American resurrection and opening of minds have not yet yielded any fruit. Not even a forest apple. The same slogans as in 1940 and 1950. And here we are in 1970 and the prophets appear and disappear like mushrooms on garbage. And no trace of spiritual improvement or spiritual recovery in America.

What is the explanation for this curse of dryness and decay? Why does God apply this punishment of useleness and vanity to Americans? The answer can be only one. We are faced with merchants of words, of noisy impostors and false prophets. The speakers of empty words about Jesus do not believe in what they say and what they claim to fulfill. Or even worse: they fulfill the work of confusion, raising elegant but lying facades, serving the Antichrist.

After all, a healthy movement could change the face of the United States in no more than 20 years. With faith and sacrifice, with modern propaganda means, the awakening of the American masses to decency and Christly love would be possible.

In any case, knowing exactly what he wanted to do, sparing no sacrifice, the Captain managed to inscribe the moment of 1937 in the tumultous history of the Romanian people.

The Moment of 1937

The peasants who were once slaves and frightened shadows under the terror and mockery of the locust-like politicians ( that in turn were secretly ruled by the freemasonry), exploited to the blood and marrow by the ruthless Jewish hordes, could once again rise to the status of owners over the fields, mountains and country.

For the first time since 1859 (since Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s election as Ruler of the United Principalities) the peasants went to the ballot boxes with pride and dignity. Woke.

With responsibility to those that perished and to future generations.  With faith in Christ, with deep fear of God. And they voted. They chose who they knew and wanted.

It was given to our small, humble and distressed nation, haunted by all calamities and injustices of history, to eucharistize on this vertical flight, from this great moment of national mysticism, of groundbreaking ecstasy, to realize that God had unlocked and intended for us the real dimension of the fulfillment of destiny: the vertical dimension of faith and humanity, of honor and sacrifice, of great Christlike virtues.

This is why I infinitely believe in the major destiny of the Romanian people, with all the flames of the heart.

It is said that the German teachers created Bismarck’s Germany in 80 years of sermon from the desk, of enlightened education, in the service of the Fatherland.

The 1937 moment took us, the Romanians, a splendid decade of prayers and faith, a luminous and generous effort of gladly accepted sacrifice. A decade in which the flower of youth let itself be educated and disciplined towards the prophetic, heartful struggle of the Captain.

From the depths of my beliefs, I now come to say: the nation that could inscribe the moment of 1937 in its life, in the history of the world and in God’s will, will never die.

It has the right to a future of freedom and great cultural and spiritual achievements. To this nation God deigned and will deign from now on, according to our modesty and merit, having mercy on us for the martyrdom of the Captain and of Ionel Moța, to annoint us with the honor of forerunners among the nations of the world.

The Moment of 1937


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