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Nordic Resistance Movement “bombs” USA

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Aprilie 18, 2018


On the evening of 14th of April, the members from Nest 1 of the Nordic Resistance Movement protested the recent bombing of Syria by the United States.


Earlier this evening, the Nordic Resistance Movement went to the US embassy in central Stockholm to protest the recent bombings in Syria, commited by the Trump regime in cooperation with England and France.

Nest leader Anders Rydberg held a speech in which he said that the only one who benefits from such an attack is the global zionist elite, not the American people nor the inhabitants in Syria. After the speech, the Nordic Resistance Movement gave the war criminals a taste of their own medicine – by bombing the USA!

After the protest, one activist was arrested by the police.

The nest leader’s words couldn’t be more true. The filthy Zionists want to destabilize Syria for the Greater Israel plan(and also money for the bankers) and a war won’t benefit the Syrians or Americans, only the Jews.

Video from the protest

There is also a statement from Anders Rydberg.

Because of the United States of America, Great Britain and France commiting an illegal missile attack against Syria, Nest 1, which is a part of the Nordic Resistance Movement, has executed a retaliatory strike.

Yesterday evening at 7 pm, 3 Banger class intercontinental ballistic missiles were fired from an undisclosed location in Stockholm towards American soil. Shortly thereafter, they went unnoticed past the American Patriot missile defense system and detonated on American soil. This was a precision bombing, meant to weaken the illegal regime in the White House.

It has come to our attention that an embassy official has suffered damage to the ears caused by the detonations. Since the Americans never have shown the least bit of sympathy towards all of the civilian casualties caused by their imperialistic wars, they should not be whining about one of their lackeys being slightly injured.

Anders Rydberg
Nest leader, Nest 1
The Nordic Resistance Movement

Finally the US got a “taste” of what they did to millions of people. Unlike the Sweden Democucks, NRM didn’t support Trump. They are the spearhead of National Socialism(after all their logo looks a bit like a spear)  in Europe.



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