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Non-woke alternative to NexusMods – BasedMods

Andrei Pescaru
Incorect Politic
Septembrie 11, 2023

Non-woke alternative to NexusMods



The recent banning of several mods and creators from NexusMods for content that “violates the diversity policies” has sparked a reaction in the form of BasedMods, a free non-woke alternative for politically incorrect mods.

Nexus, which basically has a monopoly on video game mods, previously banned a mod that removed gay flags from Spider-Man. A tweet went viral last week saying that the site would ban all mods that remove transgender pronouns from Starfield. They also banned the “alternate Wyll appearance” from Baldur’s Gate 3. Some of these woke elements are breaking immersion and people want to fix it through simple mods so they and others can enjoy the game.

Not on NexusMods’ watch.

The real problem

(skip if you want to go straight to BasedMods)


There are a fair number of vocal tranny gamers and there are a number of people who just don’t really care.

However, I think it’s very safe to say that a majority of gamers (surely more than 50%) are actively against woke ideology in their games, and yet, it is being forced down people’s throats. Some of these gamers are forced to sit through the marketing hype of a game before it is being released, only to find that it has some kind of tranny crap in it. Political correctness is making gaming unbearable for even the most dedicated gamers.

This is yet another instance of the whole “capitalist free market” thing being irrelevant when you have a society controlled by the Jews. These companies have no financial incentive to attack their own customer base. Yet they choose to do so, because the Jews create consequences for not doing so.

A for-profit company does not do something like this because their board of directors is highly moral. They did it because they know the Jews have the ability to cost them much more money – not simply through media smears, but through Jewish control over the entire financial system if they are successfully labeled an “anti-Semitic” company.

This idea that the heads of Fortune 500 companies are motivated by a strong sense of social duty is patently false, and it is actually illegal for a public company to sacrifice profits in order to pursue a moral agenda.

Game companies do not want to deal with this stuff. They know it will cost them a certain amount of sales if they put the tranny stuff in the games. (As a small example, I would be shilling Baldur’s Gate 3 hard on this site, but I don’t because I think the minor tranny stuff in it – which was hyped out of proportion by the media – is not something people should be supporting economically.) But they accurately deduce that by not including tranny material in the games, they will become a target of the politically correct commissars (Jews), which could result in all sorts of things – the Jews can create a spiraling disaster for any company, which is why Adidas eventually cracked after first refusing to drop Kanye West.

In the case of Bethesda, you might note that the company is owned by ZeniMax, which is run by a Jew. However, it is very unlikely that an individual Jew in that position would be going and forcing the devs to put trannies in games, all things being equal. Remember that Zuckerberg (who is Jewish) faced a boycott by the ADL because he was not censoring enough. With some notable exceptions, individual Jews in business are typically going to go for the money rather than the agenda (Fallout didn’t have this tranny stuff!). They go with the agenda because of this media racketeering system that is set up by the Jews to punish anyone who doesn’t support it.

What is incredible is that if they allowed people an option to opt-out of tranny stuff – just allowed you to go into settings and turn off “trans material” – they would be just as attacked, because the Jews argue that everyone must have this forced on them against their will or they are a nazi.

So, some people would look for other ways to remove the woke agenda from games, just to make the gaming experience one they are comfortable with, morally. Like mods. 

Well, if you do that, you’re going to have Nexus Mods blocking your path.

So I was reading the above article on a different site and began searching for a non-woke alternative for NexusMods. It did not take long to find out about BasedMods.



The site is already being populated with hot requests like White Wyll for Baldur’s Gate 3, No Pronouns and No Blacks for Starfield, More Racism in Windhelm for Skyrim as well as No same sex marriage, some popular DOOM mods and a “Human Holocaust” optional mod for Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered.

As gamers seek refuge from the woke agenda, alternative service providers for mod creators will grow and create a market that can flourish.

Big respect for the guys that took their time to create BasedMods.


Shamelessly ripped off Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer.

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