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First Amendment overturned by Ron DeSantis? Peaceful activists unlawfully arrested after DeSantis signed bill HB269 in Israel

Sterie Ciumetti
Incorect Politic
September 20, 2023

First Amendment overturned by Ron DeSantis?

Peaceful activists unlawfully arrested after DeSantis signed bill HB269 in Israel


In the “land of liberty” where speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the American Constitution, a Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, who wants to run for president, is working hard to repeal the First Amendment and criminalize “anti-Semitic” speech. He has signed a bill to that effect. A Florida bill signed in Israel.

This law came in the wake of campaigns distributing informational leaflets about Jewish supremacy and control in America and around the world.

An entire media operation was unleashed to demonize the activism of the nationalists of the GDL (Goyim Defense League). The media is inoculating the idea that this kind of speech is “violent” and “a threat” to certain groups, even though the GDL has repeatedly claimed that their activism is peaceful and non-violent, and the leaflets contain verifiable information without any threats or violent exhortations.

In the wake of the law signed by Ron deSantis, the anti-American authorities coordinated by the ADL expected activists to be scared off and discouraged, but that was not the case. The GDL boys, in collaboration with other nationalists, continued their information campaigns, much to the frustration of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League).

So the authorities ended up asking citizens for help, urging them to give information that could lead to the arrest of activists, reports cw34.

USSR-style denunciation.

The stakes are huge, and the desperation of the censors grows as more and more goyim wake up.

Why do some call Ron deSantis a conservative when he’s not even capable of preserving the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment? The law signed in Israel demonstrates that Ron deSantis is just another Jew’s minion being used to oppress, persecute and intimidate those who dare  open their mouths speaking truth to power.

The first arrests under deSantis’ law

The few GDL members wrongfully arrested under this new law have a strange trial going on, where their lawyer is not allowed to see all the charges and evidence against them. Their lawyer was contacted by a Fox News journalist and stated the following:

Good evening Mr. Perez

Good evening mr. Perez. I do in fact have the honor of representing all four Defendants in this brazenly unconstitutional prosecution. I filed Notices of Appearance in all four cases last week.

This law, signed in Israel by Governor DeSantis, is an explicit criminalization of anti-Semitic speech. Neither the State Attorney, nor the FDLE, nor DeSantis, nor Representative Fine make any bones about that whatsoever. I have never seen a more overt attack on the freedom of speech in the United States.

The prosecution should also be sharply criticized for their Soviet tactics. This case is sealed, meaning that I, as the lawyer, am not allowed to see the charges against the Defendants or any of the evidence against them. The State issued secret warrants against these Defendants to make a show of their illegal political prosecution, including three secret out-of-State warrants. Had those warrants been executed by fugitive task forces, which was the plan of the State, the Defendants would have been held without bond and extradited to Florida, a long, tortuous process that is itself the punishment. This Soviet-style prosecution is made all the more outrageous by the fact that these Defendants are all charged with a misdemeanor, nor a felony.

If DeSantis and Bain are trying to make neo-Nazis look like American heroes and martyrs for free speech, they are doing a bang-up job.

Pax Vobis,
Augustus Invictus, Esq.
The Invictus Law Firm, P.A.

The U.S. First Amendment was for a long time a positive example on how to deal with free speech, without nuances and asterisks (even if it was used by Jews to push pornography under the pretext of free speech). Will it stay that way or will it be overturned by shabbos-goy minions like DeSantis?

The fight against laws that ban free speech is becoming international, going beyond Romania, France, Germany, England or the United States. It is becoming a universal desire and objective of those who cherish liberty.


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