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Mai Multe Fapte Despre Holocaust

Sterie Ciumetti
Incorect Politic
Februarie 16, 2018

În seria faptelor care dezgroapă adevăurile ascunse despre Holocaust, vă prezentăm un interviu de-al lui  Horst Mahler, un avocat german și activist politic care pentru o perioadă de timp a avut convingeri de extremă stângă.

Iată ce spune acesta despre Holocaust:

To begin with, I’d like to make a few introductory comments because we Germans have been trained in a way that we no longer examine certain thoughts. Emotions are then always used to fend off these thoughts vying for our attention. We do not evaluate thoughts as to whether they are correct or incorrect, true or false, but whether they suffice certain moral categories, whether they are politically correct.

There is a taboo that has been implanted in us for decades, perhaps even more than a century, so that we no longer perceive certain topics objectively. Themes around Jews; and that’s from the position of both sides, whether they be pro-Jewish or anti-Jewish. The topic Jewry-Jew is guarded in us by the let’s call it, thought police. We are not allowed to think about this matter logically.

In what follows here, however, we are now thinking about the Jews, and about how the Jews relate to us Germans, and how we Germans relate to the Jews, and that which comes up is so dreadful for the typical German, that he tends to get up and walk off shouting. It’s also about the topic Holocaust.

Holocaust as a political weapon of the enemy of the Germans, the weapon of Jewry. And to just speaking this out loud, elicits intense reactions. But it is important to attain clarity within us, so that we will finally break through and again judge thoughts coming to us according to their particular value, to see if they are correct or incorrect, true or false.

I declare right from the start, this Holocaust “religion” is built upon the most monstrous lie in world history. The Holocaust, the way it is used to accuse us of murder of the Jewish people, is an invention!

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